RRUDForce air spring for Daf engine

RRUDForce air spring for Daf engine. SABO: 520061C, CONTITECH: 1T17AR-4.5, CONTITECH: 836MK1, FIRESTONE: 1 T 17 AR-4,5 / W01 M58 8722, etc.

EAN: 95474105634

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Product Description

RRUDForce diapress

The RRUDForce diapresses have been tested with a test plan whose aim was to pass the qualitative standard determined.

The tests concerned:

  • the characteristics of the material: tensile strength, elongation when broken, static seal performance in working conditions
  • Burst strength
  • Fixings and couplings to the vehicle pressure circuit
  • Resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents

The reference standards used to perform the tests: Standard Iveco 18-5501, ISO 37, ASTM D412.

A fruitful collaboration between the Group and the most prestigious clients, has allowed us to test the product in the field, in any condition and terrain. The satisfaction with the performance achieved, has enabled us to present the product certain of its qualitative compliance with the highest standards on the Italian market.

RRUDForce air spring for Daf engine

The air spring is a means of achieving motor vehicle suspension (particularly for buses and trucks, railway carriages, underground carriages, etc.).

The advantages offered by the air spring:

  • reduced stress on suspended structures with consequent increased vehicle lifespan;
  • constant static height for all standard conditions;
  • excellent ride comfort;
  • constant frequency to the variation of the load;
  • possibility of balance correction;
  • no need for maintenance;
  • smooth operation and no noise as it does not have any sliding metal;
  • lighter compared to other solutions;

Comparable to:
Original product codes: DAF: 0388165 DAF: 1697678 SABO: 520061C CONTITECH: 1T17AR-4.5 CONTITECH: 836MK1 FIRESTONE: 1 T 17 AR-4,5 / W01 M58 8722 PHOENIX: 1 DF 25-11 TAURUS: KR 721-06 DUNLOP F (SPRINGRIDE): D13 B32 GOODYEAR: 1 R 12-712 GART: C 302 302.1.375 AIRTECH: 3836 K VIBRACOUSTIC: V1DF25-11

Additional Information

Application: Daf: 65 CF, 75 CF, 85 CF, 95 XF, F 1900, F 2300, F 2700, 45 LF, 55 LF, FH 16.
Weight: 8.23 kg
Dimensions: 0.27 x 0.27 x 0.23 m
Product code: RA008
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