Disk pads 29202 for Stralis, Actros, Tga

RRUDForce disk pads rp001 for commercial and industrial vehicles.

Made in Italy.

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Configuration of the axis: 1 4
Brake system model: Knorr
International code (wva): 29202

EAN: 0095474105269

Length: 247,7 mm 

Hight: 109 mm

Gauge: 30 mm

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Product Description

How to buy the right disk pads?

It’s simple! The WVA stamping codes on the pad to replace and on the pad that you would like to buy, must coincide!

RRUDForce disk pads rp001

The RRUDForce pad is entirely made in Italy for the Rossi Group.

Its feature is the particular blend specially patented by the manufacturer, with the following characteristics:

  • Stable and reliable friction coefficient in all conditions of use;
  • Material not subject to corrosion; does not cause injury and prevents wear and tear to the disk, for a longer life of the parts of the brake system;
  • Good heat dissipation, which prevents the risk of the system overheating;
  • No noise due to the presence of noise lubricants;
  • No wheel spin when braking;
  • No phenomenon of magnetisation between the two braking surfaces in contact.

The pad is ECE R 90 certified which ensures quality and safety standards.

The brake pad is made from a dark grey friction material with a low environmental impact. Due to the peculiarity of the composite constituting the blend, the RRUDFORCE disk pads offer many advantages

  • noise reduction;
  • minimised roll effect;
  • low temperatures;
  • low wear.

These characteristics enable:

  • less time spent broken down;
  • no wheel spins and sparks;
  • less stress of the braking system;
  • consistency of performance even under different weather and usage conditions.

Additional Information

Application: ERF (ECM, ECT) IVECO (EuroCargo, EuroTech MP, EuroTech MH, Stralis, Strator, EuroTrakker, Trakker) MAN (TGM, TGA, TGS, TGX) MERCEDES-BENZ (ATEGO, ATEGO 2, AXOR, AXOR 2, ACTROS, ACTROS MP2 / MP3, ECONIC, Trailer-Axle) AYATS (Atlantis - Series, Bravo - Series) BERKHOF (Ambassador, Axial) BOVA (Futura, Futura (2-Axles), Futura (3-Axles), Lexio, Magiq, Synergy) DAF (SB - Series) DENNIS (Enviro Line, OLYMPUS, R Series, Trident Series) IRISBUS (EURORIDER) IRIZAR (Century, PB) IVECO (EURORIDER) KAROSA (930) MCV Corporate Group (EVOLUTION) MERCEDES-BENZ (INTOURO, OF Series, OH Series, O 403, O 500, CITARO (O 530), CITO (O 520), ECONIC, INTEGRO (O 550), TOURISMO (O 350), TOURO (O 500), TRAVEGO (O 580)) NEOPLAN (Centroliner, Cityliner, Euroliner, Jetliner, Low Chassis Buses, Megaliner, Megashuttle, Regioliner, Skyliner, Spaceliner, Sportliner, Starliner, Tourliner, Transliner, Trendliner) OPTARE (OLYMPUS) RENAULT TRUCKS (Ares) SETRA (Series 300, Series 400) SOLARIS (ALPINO, URBINO, VACANZA)
Weight: 11 kg
Product code: RP001
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