Battery 120 Ah 800 A +RH (code RB012)

RB012 – Battery 120 Ah 800 A positive pole on the right

EAN: 95474105221

Made in Italy

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Product Description

RRUDForce batteries

RRUDForce batteries are entirely produced in Italy for the Rossi Group by a major leading European manufacturer.

The product undergoes laboratory tests which consist of functional, mechanical and electrical tests to ensure quality standards and resistance and safety testing.

The RRUDForce range includes batteries:

  • With Ca/Ca technology in the production of the plates and consequent low self-discharge. High resistance to vibrations due to the use of glass wool separators;
  • With Ca/Ca technology with very low self-discharge and no maintenance. Maximum resistance to stress due to the optimised obstruction of the cell. Cover with a double flame arrestor device. Resistance to charge and discharge cycles also for extremely challenging uses.

Calcium/Calcium technology: the lack of antimony reduces the electrolyte consumption and increases battery life.

Glass wool separator: improves the efficiency of the battery

Resin: plate locking unit

Type of fixing to the base: B3

tipologie di fissaggio batterie

Additional Information

Weight: 36.5 kg
Dimensions: 0.51 x 0.225 x 0.175 m
Product code: RB012
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