Welcome! You will find here below all the information on the different methods of payment you can use to make your purchases with us.
We are offering you various payment solutions. With each purchase, you can select the method that you find more convenient or best suited for you.


PayPal is a company that offers digital payment and money transfer services via the Internet. A simple and fast method used on the net by millions of users worldwide. It is the preferred method to buy on rrudforce.it: it allows reducing to the minimum  the waiting time possible time. The basic idea  consists in making transactions without sharing your card’s data with the final recipient of the payment: in fact, the system does not send the sensitive data of the cards connected to your account. We will never know the data of your credit card. PayPal allows you to pay with the following cards:

carte PayPal

Didn’t you know this service? Don’t worry: you can learn about it at this link or by clicking on the clip here below. If you prefer it, you can choose to pay by bank transfer.

Bank Transfer

If you prefer a traditional method of payment, the “bank transfer” solution is always there for you! A bank transfer may extend the time of reception of the purchased goods, since they are shipped when payment is confirmed.

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